Sukanya Sukumar


B Eng (Hons) M Eng (Aero/Mech)


Practice Areas

Sukanya is an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer and assists primarily in patent and designs matters in our engineering team. 


Sukanya graduated from the Coventry University in England with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Avionics Technology, and, from the University of Adelaide with a Masters of Engineering in (Mechanical and Aerospace). 


Her Master’s thesis work focused on developing a microchannel solar air receiver for power generation through analytical calculation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and experimental methods. Sukanya’s thesis work gave her an in-depth understanding of microchannel solar receivers through a series of analytical heat transfer and CFD calculations and models. Building the model required designing a model test rig using CAD software to house the microchannel solar receiver model and the HTF (heat transfer fluid). This project also gave her an opportunity to analyse the model through techno-economic analysis to understand the economic impact of the receiver in power plants. 


In Sukanya’s Honours project, she developed an electronic accelerometer for the inertial navigation system to understand the acceleration of aircrafts whilst in manoeuvres. Developing a gyroscopic accelerometer gave her a beneficial understanding of cockpit avionics and navigation systems as well as programming using interpreted programming language python.