IP Australia’s ‘free 3 month COVID-19 extensions-of-time’ due to finish soon…apply before 31 May2020

21 May 2020

IP Australia previously announced a streamlined process for extension-of-time requests to assist those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Until 31 May 2020, those impacted by COVID-19 can obtain an extension-of-time of up to 3 months without having to pay Patent Office fees (usually AU$100/month).

IP Australia have stated that they will continue to monitor the ongoing impact, and assess whether streamlined extensions will be provided beyond 31 May 2020. Therefore, to avoid missing out, those looking to apply should do so before this date. The extensions are available for any COVID-19 related delay which impacts Applicants/Owners, their Attorneys/Representatives, and, other ‘relevant persons’.

The streamlined extensions are available to extend many time limits including, but not limited to, time limits for requesting examination and obtaining acceptance of a patent application. Notably however, the streamlined extensions are not available for payment of renewal/maintenance/continuation fees.

For periods longer than 3 months. Ordinary extensions-of-time remain available.

Halfords IP is continuing to provide uninterrupted Patent and Trade Mark services to all our clients during this time.

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